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by Sin in Linen Team December 21, 2019

Winter Solstice is here. On this day, the shortest day of the year, we are taking time to focus on self-care.

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Origin Story: ELYSIAN FIELDS. 3 states, 2 companies, 1 artist. 

by Sin in Linen Team August 31, 2019

Not for once-a-year celebrators of the mysterious shadows and cryptic forms; it’s designed for year-round Halloween people, like you.

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Straight Forward: Sin in Linen's Queer Reading List

by Sin in Linen Team July 02, 2019

Looking for fun and saucy queer reads for your Summer vacay, poolside or at the beach? We've got you covered.

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What is PRIDE to you?

by Sin in Linen Team June 20, 2019

PRIDE is being whom you are unapologetically, both in the outside world, and celebrating your own sexy self in your home and bedroom.

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