Summer Solstice with Kook Teflon

Hello Sunbabes & Shade Worshippers! 

 The time has finally arrived for longer days of sunshine that give us a chance to celebrate & thrive in his golden rays. So take off your shoes, get your feet in the soil, and rejoice that we made it to the glorious time of warmth & bright eyes. So, what does it mean to be in the Summer Solstice, MidSomer & Litha season? All those seeds we planted during Ostara and Beltane are sprouted , are mature and are reaching for the ball of fire in the sky. Petals spread, colors popping & aromas awakening. They will also become our medicines through the remainder of the year when the cold & darkness return. But, that isn't what we need to think about today! Let's be present in "the here and the now"!

The womb of Goddess is growing (metaphorically with a new project or action) and The Oak Royalty is proud of the seeds he has planted and new leaves of green vibrance! All of the elements play their roles in ritual throughout the seasons. How can we honor this time? Be it alone or with others? Keep on hand chamomile tea bags for your ice water, steep it and feel her power. 

Harvesting Walks- 
Bring scissors, basket/bag and go for a walk to collect herbs, flowers, greenery, special stones or any organic items to utilize on your altar or to create unique gifts from the heart, for your near and dear. If you live near any bodies of water, forests, cities or suburbs there are treasures along your path if you're looking. Remember to be intentional. Before leaving on a harvest walk close your eyes, take three deep breaths and say aloud your hopes of gifts  Flowers, Oak leaves, Herbs make beautiful bundles as gifts or to place on the altar to be charged, dried and then burned to wrap up the season. If you're immobile then think about what is available within the home. Dried herbs, fruits, seeds, crystals? Empty out the old jars of dried herbs mixed  with olive oil, honey and resins to create an incense blend. On your next visit to the market grab 5 bundles of parsley, a bag of sunflower seeds and honey straws. Get creative, if you are mobile/able and have time to go for a walk then this is a chance to gather a no-cost bundle.

Moon Shine Bath- 
On the night of the full moon fill a bowl with fresh water, stack three rocks (maiden,mother,crone) on top of one another till they peak from water, this is where you will place a tealight candle and stare into the flame. As the water is charging under the moon and candlelight reciting words like happiness,health, abundance in prayer or song. When the candle is finished, splash water on the face,third eye,back of neck,chest and bottom of feet for blessings.If you're feeling an extra wild child-esque within yourself then feel free to pour the bowl of MoonShine water over your head and yodel or chant..

Bee Magic & Honey Medicine Meditation-  
Embrace the spirit of the bee, intake the medicine of the honey daily. 
Wear yellow, buzz and build. Envision the pattern of the honeycomb and what a routine for you looks like? What patterns would you like to build on your path ,in your home? Start a small weekly meditation. Six minutes of silence as you invite the honey onto your pallet and into your core. What are you grateful for, how would you like to be in the service to the community and how can you keep yourself buzzing with focus? Journal and hydrate with a cold steeped hibiscus & honey drink stirred with a cinnamon stick.

Litha Spellbags-
Spellbags are an important part of any witch's practice and something we carry with us, sleep with or have within our frequented spaces. Cut a piece of bright colored cloth into a  5inchx5inch square. Place a penny, six sunflower seeds and a piece of citrone on the center of the cloth. The copper will bring in Goddess energy, good luck. Sunflowers are renewal and loyalty.Citrine is sun power. Bring each corner of cloth together and tie closed with yarn/thread as you sing "Lucky Star". Keep the spellbag in your car, next to your bed or at your desk. Never let others lay eyes on your mojo. 

Kook Teflon 2022

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