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About us

Providing soft goods with hardcore style
Since 2004

Meet Sandy Glaze


Born and raised in Hawaii. Sandy is inspired by bikinis, vibrant colors and big hair.


Moves to Southern CA then as a teen goes to as many punk rock shows in LA as possible.

Late 80s

Goes on tour with The Meat Puppets. When not on the road, spends time learning Native American crafts and going to ASU double majoring in Engineering and Art.


Spends a Summer on the San Juan Islands living in a van with her pit-bull. Heads to Seattle to help found the Rat City Rollers.


Tries to find a new bedspread and is met with a wall of pastels. Inspired to start Sin in Linen.

"I was obsessed with the idea of grandma’s linen closet being hijacked by her punk rock granddaughter."

Sandy Glaze
Sin in Linen Founder

Our Story

Sin in Linen has been providing soft goods with hardcore style since 2004. Founder Sandy Glaze sees Sin in Linen as more than just a company; it's a place where you can share your love of stylishly sinful designs with a likeminded community. We are passionate about helping anyone show their personal style through home design. Go ahead, Try Something New in Bed!

When you meet Sandy Glaze, you meet the heartbeat behind Sin in Linen. When you see the style of Sin in Linen, you are seeing Sandy's style.

Growing up in Hawaii and Southern California, surrounded by the surf and skateboard cultures, Sandy was influenced by alternative style from an early age. From world travel, to pinups, to rock ‘n roll, and even nature, Sandy Glaze creates pieces for your home that are as free-spirited as she is. Sin in Linen is a natural extension of Sandy's passion for pushing the envelope of discerning wild style.

As a women-owned and run business, Sandy Glaze believes in helping everyone find strength in their feminine side. Each piece of houseware Sandy Glaze helps develop should leave you feeling tough and soft, just like Sandy.

Why the Name "Sin in Linen"?

"In 2002 I went shopping for a new comforter and found myself standing in one of the largest department store chains, staring at a wall of pastel colors. There were probably over a hundred options and not a single one matched my own personal style – something a little sexy and sweet. That night I was sharing drinks with some friends, lamenting over the lack of bedding options that fit my style. Everything was floral or a little goose-with-a-ribbon-around-its-neck, you know? I was joking about starting my own line of punk inspired bedding when a friend of mine chimed in that it should be called 'Sin in Linen'. It immediately flipped on a lightbulb in my head and I haven't looked back since."

– Sandy Glaze, founder and proprietress of Sin in Linen