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Our Story

Sin in Linen's counter culture roots remain deep. At the core, we're progressives and this will never change. The passion woven into Sin in Linen is the culture of inclusivity and open-mindedness which is our bedrock.

Guided by the world around her, Sandy weaves the things she Loves into Sin in Linen prints. Always a nod to the unusual and a wink to sensuality, there is a surprise in every collection. Collaborating with artists to bring each design Life, each artist brings their unique voice and experience to the conversation as well.

We've been hands-on in the creation of our Linens since 2004. Sandy meets personally with the craftspeople in India who make our products. We are intimate in every step of the production process. From the weaving and printing of our cotton to the embellishments, each piece sewn and packaged with Love. 

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