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Now that we've cracked outta our winter shells and spread our wings during Ostara we are ready for the frolic of Beltane (Fire). Our focus will be Purifying, Cleansing & Fertility (a new project, planting seeds). Beginning at Sundown on April 30 is Walpurgis "witches flight" we jump on our goats or brooms, put on our pointy hats, sin in our linens, or roaring through the woods til dawn. An official "Welcome to the first phosphorus dews" on the perennials of MayDay. The beauty of Beltane is that The God & Goddess are celebrated equally. As we need the feminine to balance the masculine, the sun & moon to acknowledge within us all. From those freshly picked wildflowers we build a crown, a wand and give breath to our wishes. From phallic rides, to shared laughter as we hold our ribbons and weave ourselves around the pole til Sundown May 1st.

Here are some ideas to inspire your day, be it alone or with a group.

• Bell - Set an alarm coinciding with sunrise ,as soon as you wake, ring your bell then go outdoors (preferably barefoot). Collect the dew from any organic plant, flower or herb closest to you. Rub that dew onto your cheeks as you recite an incantation of self love.

Candles are an important part of this day as Beltane translates to fire. Place two candles five feet apart and walk between them or if you're daring jump over each one as you exhale some laughter aloud. We do this to leave the past behind and the smoke gives protection for looking into the future with joy.

• Maypole Wand - While you're out there rubbing that dew on your cheeks , find a small twig that you claim as your wand. Tie some colorful ribbons, some fabric scraps, a crystal (Moss Agate/Malachite), a bell or whatever your heart desires to this found twig. Rub some geranium or rose oil on hands as you tie each ribbon or item onto your wand and recite three words you'd like to embrace for the season. Use this wand throughout the season as a morning routine to start your day. Remember this weekend kicks off Beltane and it's an entire season (6 weeks). Our spirits like to see us be consistent.

• We wouldn't be good lil Gods and Goddesses without a feast and this is another way to set our intentions.
The medicinal purposes of foods we eat during any ritual have energetic intentions to boost what we are spellcasting. As Pagan Storytime goes, Beltane is the marriage of the Green Man & Goddess so think about what they would serve. Kale, Arugula, Asparagus, Edible flowers, Berries, Honey, Bananas, Bread, Cakes, Goat cheese, Nuts etc. For the fire aspect ginger, cinnamon, peppers.

Always follow your heart and create your own traditions around the season.


Kook Teflon

Photo of Kook Teflon by Keith Johnson

Sin in Linen Team
Sin in Linen Team


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May 02, 2022

Beautiful great information thank you so much love this love Beltane love Kook❤️love sin in linen!❤️

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