Spider Web Design in Decor, Fashion and Film from 1900's-1940's

Caught in a web of fascination. Spider Web design in décor, fashion and film from 1900-1940’s.

When I was about 10, my Mom and I drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a sight seeing trip. Along the way we visited the Winchester House in San Jose. I had an interest in the paranormal from a young age, checking out ghost stories at the school library. So the madness surrounding Sarah Winchester’s maniacal construction and premise of madness sprung from the house being visited by ghosts of people killed at the hands of Winchester guns was fascinating. I was floored by the spider web windows. Something as traditional as stained glass with a theme evoking danger such as the spider web thrilled me.

Spider Web Stained Glass Window Winchester House
Winchester House in San Jose

 While a Spider Web design shouldn't be much of a surprise for mystery novels, these 1930's book designs are to die for! 

Spider Web Book Design Mystery Novel Book Design

 Philo Vance Mystery Novels


Tiffany Spider Web Lamp
Tiffany Studio's rare and wildly beautiful Spider Web Lamp circa 1900-1915. 

Spider Web Lamp Bronze
Early 20th century spider web lamp.

 Spider Web Vase Carlton 1937

Spider Web Carnival glass vase by Loetz ca 1910

Spider Web Vase Carlton Ware 1937
Spider Web vase Carlton ware 1937

Here we see an outstanding example of Spider Webs showing up in fashion. These are from Aldens from a Spring Collection catalog. While I usually think of Spiders and their webs for Fall, these are being sold as an Easter dress. 

Vintage Spider Web print dress

Aldens retro Spider Web dress circa early 50's.

Vintage Spider Web dress with embellished hand fans
Spider Web embellished hand fans. Swoon!

Spider Web Art Nouveau necklace circa 1910. 
Spider Web Art Nouveau necklace circa 1910.

In the 30's we see Spider Webs making their way into costume designs with Mae West wearing this stunner in I'm No Angel.

Mae West Spider Web Dress
Mae West's Spider Web dress in I'm No Angel 1933. 

In 1937's "Let's Make a Night of It", spider web's make their way into costume design, set design and are woven (pun not necessarily intended) into this catchy song "The Spider and the Fly" performed by Claire Luce. Enjoy!!  


See how I translated my love of spider webs into a gothic home decor Spider Web Bedding Collection here.

 Spider Web Bedding


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