The Shining Blanket

The Shining Blanket was inspired by the 1980 classic horror film by Stanley Kubrick. The scenes from The Shining at the Overlook Hotel when Danny rides his tricycle through the halls features a bold pattern that has become iconic. The retro black, burnt orange and blood red geometric print is creepy and comforting at the same time. While lovingly suited for a cabin in the woods with a Colorado vibe, the images Danny sees in those halls are inked into our memories.

This blanket measures 50" x 60" which is plenty big enough for throwing over your head to cover your eyes during the scary parts. Can you say "Come play with us Danny"? Chills. Luckily you have a nice warm cozy blanket to hide under.

- Made from Recycled Cotton
- Machine Washable
- Measures 50" x 60"
- Made in the USA

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