The Burlesque Hall of Fame

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The Burlesque Hall of Fame is in full swing! Held in Las Vegas since 1991, The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender attracts Burlesque’s top stars and the audiences who love them for a weekend of stunning performances, community and sexy fun.

Performers compete in showcases for titles in categories such as Movers, Shakers and Innovators, Best Groups, Miss Exotic World and many more. In a heart-warming tradition, winners of previous years offer step down acts that are as breathtaking as the acts which won them the initial awards.

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The Titans of Tease represents the heart of The Burlesque Hall of Fame. Acts by dancers of the 1950’s-1970’s eras showcase the roots of Burlesque. These legends are cherished among a community of artists who recognize and honor the path these stripteasers blazed for the art form today. Seattle’s Burlycon hosts a slew of classes that connect Burlesque Legends with today’s performers in workshops crafted to pass on valuable history, mentorship and foster community.

Sapiosexuals can take in a show of Naked Girls Reading with Michelle L’Amour. If you don’t know who Michelle L'amour is, you may remember her performing Butthoven’s 5th piano concerto video that went viral a while back.

There is a Bowling Invitational, pool parties and don’t forget the Afterparties. Lots of afterparties! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but you can get a peek by perusing the hashtag #BHOF.

Las Vegas and Burlesque makes us nostalgic for all things Mid Century Modern. As a salute to The Burlesque Hall of Fame, we’re offering a limited time special on our Modern Vibes, Atomic Dreams, Airstream Dreams and Pillow Fight ranges. Use code BHOF for 15% off Sexy Modern Bedding.

Boom Boom L'Roux on Sin in Linen Modern Bedding Photo by RJB Photo

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    What a nice write up about Burlycon! Sounds like a good time for all.

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