Airstream Dreams Photoshoot


Do you love Midcentury Modern design? Our Atomic Dreams modern bedding, designed in collaboration with Ragnarama of California has been one of our favorite, and most popular, patterns. We added a new color story to this pattern called Airstream Dreams and we’re excited to show you the new photos! You can see teasers on our FB and IG feeds and of course on the Airstreams Dreams Collection page. The team came together on a crisp clear winter day in downtown Seattle at The Palladian Hotel. It’s a great location across the street from the iconic Moore Theater where we’ve seen many great concerts. The room was chosen for the wall behind the bed with exposed wood that matched the grey of the pattern and framed the fabric beautifully.

Our photographer, Wynne Earle, has been a delight to work with on our last few shoots.

She captures the overall look as well as intimate details which make you feel like you are sitting right in the frame of the photo. With Lisa Marie Moon as our stylist, the product was in good hands and ready for a close-up! To bring a truly retro setting, our long-time friend Miss Kitty Baby, lent us pieces from her exquisite midcentury modern collection of lamps and chachkis.

 The cherry on top is our babe of life, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang showing us how the bedding looks in everyday situations. You know, like upside down in a vintage negligee.

Visit Sin in to bring home your very own Airstream Dreams Collection piece. Share your own photos with us with the hashtag #sininlinen on IG or post to our Facebook page. We love to see how Sin in Linen looks out in the wild.

XO, Sin in Linen Photo Team


  • Sandy Glaze

    Hi Sean, That is a vintage item gifted to Kitty by a friend.

  • Sean McNamara

    The one piece kitty is wearing, where is that from?

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