Preorder Status

Thank you for placing a Preorder with Sin in Linen! 

We are grateful that you love our patterns so much that you can't wait until they are released to purchase them. That is why we offer products for pre-order sales when they sell out. When this happens, we provide our best estimate for when the product will be back in stock and ready to ship. However, these ship dates are subject to change. We do our best to keep you updated of expected ship dates changes. When delays occur, this page will be updated and then our pre-order customers will be notified by email.

***Our new shipment will soon arrive at our warehouse. Once it arrives, it goes through customs then takes about 7 days to get all the items entered into inventory. Once everything is checked in, we will ship orders. When your order ships, you should receive an email confirmation with tracking information. 

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Expected July 2021
Elysian Fields Bats - Black & White
Elysian Fields Bats - Green
Fetish alFresco
Airstream Dreams
Atomic Dreams
Geisha Moon
Forest Witch
Black Widow

Expected September 2021
Elysian Fields Bats - Purple
Elysian Fields Bats - Red
Midnight Ink
Geisha Garden

Pattern  Status
Airstream Dreams July
Atomic Dreams July
Black and White Stripes Discontinued
Elysian Fields - Black & White July
Elysian Fields - Blue Discontinuing
Elysian Fields - Purple September
Elysian Fields - Scarlet Bats September
Fetish al Fresco
Fetish al Fresco - Scarlet Discontinuing
Geisha Garden September
Geisha Moon July
Midnight Ink September
Moon Phase July
Forest Witch July
Black Widow July