Winter Solstice is here. On this day, the shortest day of the year, we are taking time to focus on self-care. We are prioritizing the importance of “cozy’ness.”

Winter Solstice marks the start of winter. The Earth is tilting at an angle that causes the northern hemisphere to be the furthest away from the sun than any other time of the year. This means the northern hemisphere gets less light…but you already know that if you live there.

The world outside can feel like it’s going into hibernation. Trees lose their leaves. Nights stretch out in darkness. Temperatures drop down. You may even find yourself feeling more lethargic or fatigued. It’s important to remember this is okay: go easy on yourself. This is the time of year where it’s okay to burrow down, get cozy, and spend some time resting your soul.

Looking for the best way to get cozy? Our ultra-comfortable pajamas and robes are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable. You’ll find yourself living in this comfortable sleepwear Whether you’re looking for something fun and whimsical or dark and dangerous, we’ve got patterns that will fit your bedtime persona. Play around with the Fetish alFresco print or be whimsically mysterious in the Elysian Fields pajamas.

We love the idea of finding the perfect set of pajamas to match your current mood. Winter is the ideal time to process where you are in life and prepare for a time of renewal. Introspection can be the emotional equivalent of burrowing deep and preparing for the coming days. Heartfelt hibernation. If you’ve always dreamed of finding a stylish blanket we’ve got you covered (pun intended). Curl up beneath our spookishly haunted blanket inspired by The Shining or choose from our new quilted throw blankets made with our fan favorite bedding prints.

As 2019 and the decade comes to a close, give yourself permission to power down a bit and get ready for a new chapter. From this day forward, the sun is beginning to rise a little earlier and set a little later. Throughout this winter keep your thoughts on this coming expansion of warmth and sunlight. Winter Solstice is the perfect time to celebrate the quiet spreading across the northern hemisphere: give yourself the space to find a little quiet as well.

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