The Beauty of the Geisha 

The beauty of our Geisha Tattoo Collection is matched only by its gracefulness. Delicately inspired in artistic colors, this pattern shows off what the Geisha heritage is all about. Alluring and subtle, yet making a bold statement. 

To be a geisha is to bring beauty into your world. Along with being trained in the art of entertaining men, geisha's learned all of the simple arts of seduction. Not necessarily a woman of the night, as previously thought, a geisha would be a woman who projects an air of mystery and allurement in everything she does. She would be the apex of what it means to be feminine; and with assurance she performs all of her duties lovingly.

Isn't that what this beautiful tattoo-inspired print says to you? Just like a geisha, this lovely print makes a bold statement with the perfect mixture of delicacy and daring. A geisha's goal was to confirm that all who came to see her were met in a relaxed and pleasing manner. She would provide you with whatever you needed; food, wine, conversation, dance and music. These women were learned and trained in the culture of the day.

What makes a geisha stand out in the crowd is that she is a beautiful woman, the perfect companion for men and highly sought after for their many talents. That's why this engaging print is so popular. There are many ways to bring the beauty of the geisha to your home.

Our Geisha Garden pattern can be found on sheet sets, pillowcases, duvet covers, comforters, curtains, bed skirts, shower curtains, and kitchen linens.. All are machine washable and 100% cotton sateen. The 300 thread count makes for a delicate presentation. Just like the geisha herself.

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