Spring Equinox Renewal

Blue skies are beginning to emerge a little more frequently, buds are sprouting at the ends of formerly barren branches, and the cheerful faces of flowers are greeting us. There’s no denying it: Spring is coming!

It’s a time to feel rejuvenated, to play outside, and to reconnect with your own inner balance.

Part of what makes the spring equinox so special is that our day and night, for a brief moment of clarity, are the exact same length of time. Both our day and evening are twelve hours long. This breathtaking example of balance is something you can harness in your own transition from the cold depths of winter into the warmer days of spring. Balance is an essential part of health: physical health, emotional health, mental health, (and, of course, sexual health…after all, why do you think we associate bunnies so much with spring?).

Spring is nature’s way of reminding us to wake up. It’s a time to look around and fall in love with the world in which we live. As nature begins to shake away the chill of its darker days, you yourself can also welcome a sense of renewal. The start of spring is often seen as a time of rebirth. It’s time to wake up! It’s time to treat yourself! And what better way to help yourself wake up than with a fresh new set of pajamas, sheets, or a decadent linen spray. We love carrying items that not only empower you and make you feel sexy, but help bring a lot of joy to your lives. Whether it’s our Fetish al Fresco print that seems to wink with its cheeky characters or the dangerously divine Elysian Fields design that hints at something a little mysterious, we love making you smile.

Joy and new beginnings is what Spring is all about. It’s always important to take a look around and take note of what can be cleared away from your past in order to make more room for more positive things. It’s often said that the the garden grows which is well-tended, meaning what you choose to pay attention to will continue to thrive. How are you using your time and attention? Is there anything you can clear out, set aside, or allow to fade?

As the sun begins to shine a little brighter, remind yourself of the importance of balance and new beginnings. Treat yourself to some playtime in the bedroom with these frolicking-fun Pillow Fight sheets. Freshen up your bedtime routine with a healing Linen Spray. You are capable of finding beautiful balance in your daily life. Are you ready to wake up and start anew?

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