by Sin in Linen Team June 05, 2017

These mysterious creatures have our heart. A symbol of gothic lore through the ages, these beautiful animals face a very real struggle today. Bats serve an important place in delicate ecosystems in nature and need to be protected. As stewards of the earth and ones who embrace the fantasy aesthetic of these winged treasures, we are giving 10% of proceeds this week to the Organization for Bat Conservation in Michigan.

More information from their website:

“Our mission has always been to educate people about bats and inspire them to become actively involved in conservation. We were founded in 1992 in Michigan with a small team offering live bat programs to schools, nature centers and museums. Founder Rob Mies remains Executive Director of the organization and has been featured on national television shows, has spoken at leading conferences and has written many books on the subject. We began operating the Bat Zone at Cranbrook Institute of Science in 2002. In September 2014 we launched the national ‘Save the Bats’ campaign to mobilize millions of Americans to become even more involved in bat conservation.”

Please join us in supporting their efforts and pick up some great home décor at the same time. Now you can always have a bat nearby in your home with the Elysian Fields Bat Print for Bedding, Bath and Kitchen Linens. And help to save the bats!

Elysian Fields Bat Print - Sin in Linen

Sin in Linen Team
Sin in Linen Team


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