Straight Forward: Sin in Linen's Queer Reading List

Looking for fun and saucy queer reads for your Summer vacay and beach time? Whether you want a page turner, tales of historical reference or a great coffee table book, you'll find it here.

• Something light and frothy:
Tales of the City: Armisted Maupin
This original series was penned in the mid 1970’s as a love letter to the colorful people of San Francisco. There are now 9 books in the series, as well as two TV mini series! Fun sudsy storytelling with characters with whom you’ll fall in love, one at a time.

• Something thought provoking:
 Lorde who describerd herself as “black, lesbian, feminist, poet, mother, etc” One of the most well-known writers of feminism and feminist critique, poetry, essays and novels. Lorde was one of the first scholar-activists to call for intersectionality in the last century, and Sister Outsider is a Must-Read.

• Something with historical queerness:
Sarah Waters first book, Tipping the Velvet
Focuses on a young woman in Edwardian England. Young Nan falls for a drag king, and leaves her tiny seaside town to follow them to London. Sexy, funny, and historical. (Fun fact: Tipping the Velvet is old English slang for cunnilingus!) 

• Anything from the BeeboBrinker Collections by Ann Bannon

• One-Handed Reads:
The Back Passage by James Lear

(Amazon synopsis) “A seaside village, an English country house, a family of wealthy eccentrics and their equally peculiar servants, a determined detective — all the ingredients are here for a cozy Agatha Christie-style whodunit. But wait — Edward “Mitch” Mitchell is no Hercule Poirot. Mitch is
a handsome, insatiable 22-year-old hunk who never lets a clue stand in the way of a steamy encounter, whether it’s with the local constabulary, the house secretary, or his school chum and fellow athlete Boy Morgan, 

Macho Sluts by Pat Califia: (Amazon review)Pat Califia's intense collection of lesbian erotica starts with a bang and does not slow down until the end of the final story. These are stories of possible realities, not fantasy or science fiction …. and plots wonderfully interwoven with passionate SM and sex .

Anais Nin’s classic Delta of Venus:
A book of fifteen short stories by AnaïsNin published posthumously in 1977—though largely written in the 1940s as erotica for a private collector.

•Picture books to read alone or with a bed-friend:
TASCHEN Art books, which cover subjects both diverse and deviant: 

Warhol on Basquiat, Helmut Newton, Bauhaus, Stan Lee

Elmer Batter’s book on Legs

Hello Handsome! Mario Testino documents three decades of male beauty

Nobyashi Araki’s celebration of Kinbaku-bi, the Japanese art of erotic bondage. 

Dian Hanson’s Butt Book

Get your self near a pool or shower to cool off after reading from that list!


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