Origin Story: ELYSIAN FIELDS. 3 states, 2 companies, 1 artist. 

Elysian Fields (aka Black & White Bats and Scarlet Bats) is a pattern designed by Dan Funderbergh of New York. Among fans of dark decor, this pattern holds divine status. Originally, his dark-whimsy botanicals and bats pattern was (and still is) in production by John Sherman, for use as wallpaper. Jon Sherman’s Flavor Paper specializes in “...creating compelling conversational wallpaper that flips tradition on its head. “ For example, everything from Andy Warhol to Fempower, which features patterns by women artists. In 2008, Jon was in New Orleans where Flavor Paper originated when he picked up Dan’s Bats. Inspired by a main NOLA thoroughfare, Jon named the pattern ‘Elysian Fields’.

Meanwhile on the West Coast: Elysian Fields was being noticed and admired by artists and designers in the goth/punk/dark wave underground, which is how Sandy Glaze found it, in Seattle. She traced the ‘cool bat wallpaper’ back to Flavor Paper, and learned the name of the artist: Dan Funderberg. 

Two years of “Hey! I like your stuff! I make cool products too! We should work together!” emails later, Dan finally responded to Sandy G’s request. Tenacity is one of her super-powers, you know. He extended Sin In Linen a license to reproduce his clever thistles/bats/venus flytraps pattern for housewares and loungeware . 

Sin In Linen continued to work with Dan, and over time has released a full-scale BauHaus inspired array of colors: Blue and white bats, purple and black bats, and red and black bats have been added to the line. This pattern isn’t for once-a-year celebrators of the mysterious shadows and cryptic forms; it’s designed for year-round Halloween people, like you.

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