Bedroom Tips from a Showgirl

Have you ever wanted to know how a Showgirl might make her bed? Instead of the usual, dull routine of slowly making the bed like a robot could you imagine a flirtier, sexier way to perform such a common task? Here at Sin in Linen we wondered the same thing. Lucky for you, we were able to enlist the star power of burlesque legend, The Shanghai Pearl to give us a glimpse into what that might look like. Take a peek at the reveal of our new Pin-up girls bedding if you dare! Imagine stepping into a penny arcade, sliding a coin into a small machine, and peeping into this video that gives you a naughty and nice viewing of a top-notch showgirl making her bed.

Take notes. You might want to try this at home.

Sin in Linen got a chance to be on set with The Shanghai Pearl and the truly talented team from Stell(r) Films. They filmed in the whimsical bar, Unicorn, located in Seattle's hip Capitol Hill neighborhood. If you think the video looks like fun, we can't even begin to describe how much more fun it was to be part of the crew that made things possible! The Shanghai Pearl even brought her Pomeranian dog, Lucy Petunia, with her to the set. Lucy Petunia clearly loved the Sin in Linen black and white striped bedding much as we do, since she spent a lot of her time of the shoot lounging on the bedding in pure bliss. See for yourself!

Showgirl in bed with one-eyed pomeranian

 We were so grateful to be able to shoot Narwhal which is the stage down stairs in the always-fun bar, Unicorn, the carnival themed bar that is as colorful and dynamic as it is famous. Unicorn was featured in the music video for Macklemore's hit song "Thrift Shop." The same colorfully striped walls we see behind The Shanghai Pearl as she makes the bed can be seen behind Macklemore as he raps about his clothes smelling like R. Kelly's sheets. He should have shopped at Sin in Linen instead, just sayin'.

Enjoy the video of The Shanghai Pearl allowing us to peep into the everyday chores of a showgirl and then take some time to practice it yourself! She is mesmerizing with just a subtle wink. You can recreate this form of mesmerization in your own home, regardless of the size of the audience in front of you. Showgirls help their audience forget their inhibitions by not having any themselves. The next time you start to feel shy, lift your chin and start dancing in a way that reminds you of your own sexual strength. Make your bed in a way that makes you — and whoever is watching — want to mess it up again right away. If you need some inspiration to get in the mood, enjoy today's Fresh Fantasy below!


Fresh Fantasy
A Face in the Crowd

You take a deep breath as the MC on stage announces your name. You hear the crowd cheer and whistle above the sound of your own heart racing. Tonight is your debut performance at the new, elite burlesque venue downtown and you've been practicing your routine for weeks. Your false eyelashes are attached just so and your corset has been tied just the right amount of tight. The stage lights go dim and you step out from behind the curtain. You lift your large fan of feathers to conceal your face and feel a rush of adrenaline as your song begins to play. Before you know it, you are moving your hips to the rhythm just like you'd rehearsed, knees bending on cue, and flirty smile spreading like a blossoming flower. Turning, you glance below you at the table closest to the stage and you stumble a few steps. There, sitting directly beneath you with a glass of whisky in one hand a bouquet of flowers in the other, is a face you haven't seen in years. A man you thought had vanished, who left without a trace, and who had made her toes curl like no one else. He notices your small stumble, smiles slowly, and winks.

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