Black Silk Pillowcase

Black Silk Pillowcase

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Sweet sinful dreams await! Take your sleep to a new level of awesome and wrap yourself in the smooth comfort of silk with our beautiful black silk pillowcase gift set. 100% Pure Mulberry Silk beckons. The benefits of sleeping on Mulberry Silk are many and we all need our beauty sleep, which is why it makes sense to settle into a silky cocoon tonight.  

Great as a gift, great for self-care. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase is luxurious for skin-care and hair care, smoothing frizz and preventing wrinkles. 


  • One Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, 22-Momme
  • Silk Sleep Mask
  • Silk Scrunchy
  • Gift Box
  • Standard Pillowcase has zippered enclosure. 26" x 20"


  • Silk's smooth surface means no friction — the kind that causes bed-head — and damages your hair. And that's especially important if you have curly locks or processed hair which is prone to breakage and needs extra protection. Keep it shiny and healthy with a silk pillowcase. 
  • That same smooth silk surface means fewer wrinkles and crinkles. Mulberry silk won't zap moisture from your skin, so you stay nice and hydrated — all over.
  • Deep Black is the perfect choice for those with dyed hair.


  • While we love a hot time in bed, cooler temps make for better sleep. Mulberry silk has temperature-regulating properties, wicking away moisture and ensuring every side of the pillow is the "cool" side. No more tossing and turning — and you can thank a friendly silkworm for that! Nature rocks.
  • Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Allergy sufferers, we feel you. You'll be much happier in the morning after spending a night sleeping instead of sneezing.

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