Tattoo Art

Choose from a variety of home d├ęcor like bedding, bath and kitchen linens, you can add tattoos to every room in your home. Having ink on your sheets has a whole new meaning with our fanciful Geisha Garden Asian Inspired bedding featuring traditional Japanese Tattoo style artwork of a Geisha, Koi Fish and Peacock. Add flash to your walls with Tattoo Curtains. These curtains are covered in old school tattoo flash art of Mermaids, Panthers, Pirate Ships and more.
Is the temple of your body covered in intricate and personal tattoo art? Why not decorate your home to reflect the same tattoo art you love on yourself. Get creative and add personal style to your home with bedding, curtains, kitchen linens, throw pillows and shower curtains featuring images inspired by tattoo art. Go old school with our Sailor Jerry style Tattoo Kitchen Linens. Try a little spice with the ethnic look of our Henna Tattoo, inspired by Mehndi Hand Tattoos and the radial bursts of Mandalas in coffee tones. Add the tranquil look of Geisha Garden, with colorful traditional Japanese Tattoo art of peonies, geishas, peacocks and coi fish. We offer many shower curtains with nautical tattoo themes like a mermaid and anchor, kraken or pirate ship. Surround your sanctuary with the art you love without the commitment of permanent tattoo ink. Tattoo your life with Sin in Linen's soft home goods with hardcore style.