Skull Bedding and Decor

Browse soft home d├ęcor items covered in skulls. Choose from the spice and flavor of Mexican sugar skulls, the bold look of a pirate flag emblazoned with Skull and Crossbones on a duvet cover, the subtle almost polka dot look of Skulls and Stars or the elegant gothic look of black lace Skulls for a curtain. We have skulls to fit all tastes; Skull Bedding, Skull Towels, Skull Shower Curtains or Skull Window Curtains. Your home would not be complete without a little you in it. If you have a rock and roll heart, this is a great motif for your home.
The beauty of home décor is being able to mix and match to reflect your personal style. Would Morticia love your home? Of course she would if you had skull accents! Skulls are a great way to send a message, you could say X marks the spot with a large embroidered skull duvet cover, complete with the handmade look of a pirate flag. Or if your home has a more traditional look the classic almost polka dot look of Skullstar curtains will add just a whisper of an edgy touch. Day of the Dead inspired embroidered Sugar Skull Duvet Covers will add an exotic flair to the bedroom. Surprise your guests with a Misfits Fiend Skull Shower Curtain, featuring the album art from the single Die Die My Darling. Coordinate with Embroidered Skull and Dagger bath and hand towels in combinations of red, black or white. How bold will you go with your love of skulls?