About Sin in Linen


Sin in Linen Bed 

Passion for creating spaces that are extensions of your personal style is the main goal of Sin in Linen. We want your Sin in Linen to be a treasured item in the most intimate rooms of your home, serving as an extension of your individual style. We work with cutting edge artists expert in many genres; MidCentury Modern style, Tattoo art, Pinup nostalgia, Bohemian psychedelia (and so much more) to bring you truly unique, highly curated products. Our inspiration comes from nature, rock and roll, historical design and traveling the world.

We pair high-quality cotton with the softest printing methods and embellishments to create soft home goods that not only have hardcore style but also hardcore comfort.


Born and raised in Hawaii in the 1970’s, Sandy Glaze’s fascination with vibrant textiles began as a child. Growing up amongst tropical kaftans, cleavage, and big hair left a mark on the young designer’s mind.

As a young teen she moved to the beaches of Southern California as a young teen continuing an upbringing based around surf and skate culture.  The South Bay area of Hermosa Beach was also a hub for Los Angeles punk rock. Bands like Black Flag, Red Cross and Circle Jerks played regularly in the area and in nearby Hollywood and Glaze was in attendance at as many shows as she could get to. Experiencing first hand the empowering DIY movement of the independent music scene of the 1980’s reinforced an already free-spirit to explore and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.

At 18, Glaze began touring with The Meat Puppets. Selling t-shirts on the road, helping with designs, production and selling at clubs introduced her to working with textile designs. Based in Arizona at that time also provided influence from the Native American crafts and embellishments such as beading and leatherwork. She spent hours trying her hand at making purses and jewelry in native weaves. Touring with the band put her wanderlust in check for a while allowing Glaze to settle in to a few years at Arizona State University focusing on art and engineering.

Taking a break after school to get back to nature, Glaze spent a summer living on the San Juan Islands in an old Econoline van with her pitbull, Kevin. Then the cultural boon of Seattle in the 90’s called sending her back to the city where shortly after she hooked up with a group of similarly fierce and independent women who went on to form the roller derby league, Rat City Rollergirls.

That same fierce independence coincided with the conception of Sin in Linen when Glaze decided that the world of bedding could use a kick in the pants. It was 2002 and if you wanted a bed set, you were looking at a wall of pastels and country florals – “Goose with ribbon around neck” as she calls the style. However Glaze was inspired by bikers, punks and gypsies so she set out to treat bedding the same way these bands of outlaws embellish jackets and clothing to represent affiliation and family. She wanted to offer prints and embroidered patterns with the same spirit of individuality that inspired her. Bred of true passion, Sin in Linen products are truly an extension of Glaze’s desire to try something new... in bed!  


Stay tuned for more stories about the artists we love to work with - Peter Driben, Jesse Roberts, Krysztof Nemeth, Roy Kay, Anne Marie Jackson, Arnold Santos, Ragnar, Erin Joy.