Bed Skirts

What's hiding under your bed? Shoes? Dust bunnies? Toys? Give your bed an elegant kept look while concealing your under bed storage with bed skirts. A bed skirt is a decorative cover for your box spring or bed frame that drapes down 15 inches to cover any unflattering angles or the boring fabric look of your box spring. These are also sometimes called a dust ruffle. Available in bold black and white stripe, the earthy shapes of Atomic Dreams, the Japanese Tattooed look of Geisha Garden and down to earth look of Henna Tattoo. Bed skirts are the sexiest piece of bedding thanks to these beautiful prints, your bed will have a stylish appearance without exposing the unsightly box spring or any space under the bed that may be used for storage. They also block drafts and dirt: you won't find any dust bunnies under these bed skirts!
A decorative bed skirt is a great way to conceal your under bed storage. We are currently offering black and white stripes, a bold print inspired by the wide stripes of the big top circus. Along with the earthy tones and hip geometric shapes of Atomic Dreams influences by the space air design of mid-century modern. Coordinating with our tattoo prints we have the fresh spring colors of Geisha Garden, let this garden of opulence help wrap your bed. And the calm coffee stained tones of Henna Tattoo, bringing culture and spice to your bedroom with its radial bursts. Bed skirts are printed on 3 sides to fit on the foot and sides of your bed, leaving no tucking to be done behind your headboard. Made with our 100% cotton sateen bedding fabric and a thicker durable twill for easy machine washing.