Shower Curtains

It's easy to give your bathroom a make-over with a new shower curtain. Unique shower curtains are a great way to express one-of-a-kind individual style. Fun, sexy, prints on polyester and cotton fabric are cozy and relaxing. Now you can personalize your bathroom with the same motifs that inspire your fashion. Create a space in your bathroom that reflects your spirited nature.
Just put up my shower curtain. I re-did my whole bathroom with 50's pin-ups and black/chrome accessories. Surprised my boyfriend with a redecorated bathroom. He absolutely loved it. Shower curtain on your page just doesn't do it the justice of seeing it in person. So gorgeous. Thank you so much for having a hard to find accessory. - Michelle

Everyone loves a unique themed decor bathroom! Choose rock and roll, nautical and tattoo themes for maximum fun.

With so many styles to choose from these motifs can satisfy many moods. Sometimes you want to refresh and revive in the shower to wake-up and be alert. Choosing a more vibrant colored, large-scale graphic shower curtain is a great choice. For a relaxed mood that will soothe the senses, choose a softer print like Japanese inspired tattoos that evoke a garden oasis with peacocks, geishas and koi fish. Swirling waters and floral patterns create a spa like atmosphere where all you want to do is slip into a zone of pure bliss.

If you are looking for a masculine look in the bath, the Skull Star print pairs well with obsidian tones and black marble and gold accents. A pirate-themed bathroom is the most adventurous when interpreted with Skulls, Mermaids, Sailor Pinups, and Kraken Octopus Shower Curtains. Ahoy Matey!